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Innovation Fund for NHS adoption

This fund is managed by SHIL to support NHS adoption of developments originating within the NHS in Scotland.



    SCRAM Bag Launches at Retrieval 2015

    ParAid in conjunction with SHIL, will lanuch the Structured Critical Airway Management (SCRAM) Bag at Retreival 2015, The UK's National pre-hospital and Critical Care Transfer Conference.
    The SCRAM bag allows a structured approach to airway management, when getting it right first time really matters. This is achieved through an integrated kit dump that can be prepared at the time the bag is stocked, checked and then sealed ready to be used, reducing the risk of error during the delivery of a high-risk lifesaving intervention.
    The invention is the brain child of Neil Sinclair and Paul Swinton of the Scottish Ambulance Service.
    For Futher Information on the SCRAM Bag please see below. 

    10th Convergent Technologies Showcase & Conference

    Healthcare & Industry: challenges and opportunities - past, present, future

    Wednesday 27th May 2015, The Beardmore Hotel & Golden Jubilee Hospital, Clydebank

    an opportunity for the NHS, universities and industry to explore partnerships in health innovation


    Keynote Speakers

     Dr Kevin Fong


    Kevin is both astrophysicist, medical specialist and a natural storyteller. After training with NASA he now runs an intensive care unit, co-presents Health Check, teaches extreme environment physiology and works with the UK Science, Technology & Facilities Council. He’s also published Extremes – probing the limits of the human body. Kevin talks about the second space age (Mars in a month), risk management, and how exploration not only solves but creates problems.


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    Please email or call 01786 448333 for more information.



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